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Features – ViMS
Video surveillance always, everywhere

The IP Video surveillance ViMS module integrates support for all major brands of IP cameras, encoders and DVRs, and allows viewing in streaming and recording of video streams. Support for the ONVIF protocol is guaranteed. The user is always able to simultaneously view the video streams, checking easily every detail even in emergency situations, without interrupting his activities.


The Remote Display Control allows the operator to manage direction and functionality of the video walls and wall mounted monitors, or remote ones. Through this extension the user can choose the scenes to display and the cameras to cycle.

Patrolling and schedule

Patrolling and schedule advanced functions allow you to view the cameras cycles, setting frames, viewing time and cycles start time. When an event occurs, the system stops the patrolling and calls operator’s attention to the cameras framing the scene.

Video Browser

The video browser feature enables advanced drill down operations of recordings. The operator can pinpoint  a past event starting from all records kept on board apparatus, and then export only the segment of interest.

Scene analysis

ViMS helps analyzing the scene to support the possible operational needs, implementing appropriate algorithms and motion alarms. Processing generates automatically alerts and bookmarks on recording segments of interest.

Automatic patrol

The automatic patrol allows you, at regular intervals, to check for changes in the situation within the framed scene. This way you can check for any abnormalities not detectable by the naked eye. In case of alert, ViMS proposes and highlights the selected elements of the scene, for a direct verification by the operator. A report is then automatically produced with a summary of the checks carried out and the image of the recorded scene.

Interactive maps

The integration of digital maps and interactive planimetries allows spatial contextualization and dynamic control of the security apparatus. The operator can control everything that happens on the territory and manage events directly from a map or a planimetry.

A complete platform, for all safety requirements

The sensors on the field are constantly in communication with ViMS. From the operations room you can therefore receive and manage alarms with minimal delay. One or more operators can monitor individually, separately and jointly, incoming events and respond in a timely manner. ViMS differentiates the various types of alarms, providing time to time contextual information, images and links intended for video streams, live or recorded.


Sensors of the main brands are supported by ViMS, which is able to integrate its functions by receiving intrusion, fire, technological and general alarms by the field sensors. ViMS can also directly control the I/O of the equipments installed, also to manage automatic reply behaviors.

Motion alarms

ViMS is able to verify in real time any movement within the frame thanks to built-in algorithms for scene analysis. You can set values for the timing of the movement, to avoid false alarms and to receive, directly on the operations room client, alerts and related information. Also available is an ex-post research of the events, which applies the same analysis algorithms on video recordings.

Planimetric contextualization

The maps of ViMS, connected in hypertext, allow the operator to monitor all the territory directly through them.Once an event is received, visual and sound alerts are activated, highlighting the area of origin to the operator. This is then informed of the alarm and immediately displays the plan and the status of the sensor causing the alarm.

Reports and statistics

ViMS integrates a complete system of research that allows the authorized operator to consult the history and logs of what happened, and the actions taken. Alarms, video recordings, driveways and pedestrian transits are kept by law, and generate reports and statistics of operational interest.

The move to safety

Thanks to the modular structure of ViMS you can manage all the various operational requirements relating to safety and security directly from the platform. Walkways and driveways can be monitored directly by the client ViMS. The same client is also able to completely manage the access control system of the site without any third-party software.

Native Access Control

ViMS has a native integrated access control system, which manages the control units and activates the rules set on all the gates installed. Thanks to ViMS, different models and brands of access control systems can coexist and their management is made transparent.

Employees and reception

With ViMS you can manage the registry of employees, assign corporate badges, define access profiles and set the time zones for time-varying behaviors. The reception module allows a quick and easy management and access registering of the guests with the awarding of temporary badges even to employees. ViMS counts also entries and exits and helps to monitor any abnormal situations of entry.

Driveways gates

The driveways gates with toll-like systems are integrated in ViMS. The identification of a vehicle, the identity of the driver and the number plate are automatically sent, while in transit, to the operations room and compared to the black lists and white lists of the site. Access rules are associated with the profile of the driver.

Number plates and transits

ViMS natively integrates number plate reading cameras (ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition), allowing direct monitoring of vehicles transit. Thanks to the management of black lists and white lists (also local and configurable for each site) you can activate the alarms for vehicles pointed out. ViMS is certified to interface with the State Police database SCNTT.

Not only a surveillance software

The ViMS suite is not only composed of the operations room desktop client, but also by a series of accessory applications, able to meet all the needs of the customer and the end user. With these add-ons ViMS is able to handle exports of its simple or encrypted files, to respond to commands directly from a web browser or mobile device, and manage devices via ViMS Agent.

ViMS Web

The basic functions of ViMS can also be controlled by the web client. Through this application, accessible from the leading browsers, the user can at any time access the camera streaming, the searches and the warning queue. The control system is easy, simple and immediate.

ViMS Mobile

When the user is not physically present in the operations room, he can use the same functions supported by ViMS Web on mobile platform too. This is achieved by installing an App developed for tablets and smartphones. Through ViMS Mobile, users can give an alarm georeferenced, and view and share video assets.


Exporting multimedia content is not always enough; you often need a tool to easily navigate between footages and contents exported to compare and view them. The Multiviewer of ViMS, available on the Windows platform, meets the need for originality, integrity of multimedia content. It ‘s possible to encrypt footage and alarms while exported.

ViMS Agent

The virtual management of cameras and security apparatus is supported in ViMS also through ViMS Agent. An exclusive product that implements rules and enhances the capabilities of the security systems, and allows their interfacing directly with the server ViMS.